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B Socket
Uploaded by Chris Mower <chris.mower@intermec.com> from Intermec Technologies Ltd submit.zip 63,578 475 Thu Dec 7 18:39:43 2000 This zip file contains libraries, ULP's, CAM's, SCR's and instructions for a complete design sequence. There are some other things included like a spreadsheet for calculating trace impedance and other notes on configuration setups and a sample design done with these files. The ULP, CAM and SCR files are either original or modifications of ones from this site. They allow you to take a design from schematic to fabrication, generating Gerber files, DXF and BOM files (in an Excel spreadsheet). The libraries contain models for doing modern surface mount designs at low cost.
Uploaded by Jay Dowling <feanorgem@aol.com> from USA
supertex.zip 2,189 4,608 Mon Dec 22 19:03:32 1997 This file contains updated parts to the SUPERTEX library. The library contains various mosfets. Consult the *.log file for updates.
Uploaded by Bob Pauly <rpauly@ev1.net> from SULZER Intermedics
supply2.zip 2,200 2,119 Wed Oct 20 10:08:27 1999 Corrected pin name in Symbol V+ V-. Pin-Name in Symbol V+ V- berichtigt.
Uploaded by A. Zaffran <alf@cadsoft.de> from CadSOft
tcm3105.lbr 3,864 1,011 Sat May 20 19:00:05 2000 Livraria do integrado TCM3105
Uploaded by José Vieira <op19355@mail.telepac.pt> from Escola Sec. de Estremoz
teilelst.ulp 20,151 2,713 Wed Jul 7 10:04:45 1999 Diese ULP erzeugt aus einem Board eine Teileliste incl. Preisen der wichtigsten Bauteile und einer Zusammenfassung xx * 10k Rxx,Ryy usw. Passend f. Tabellenkalkulationen.
Uploaded by Peter Fuchs <peter.fuchs@chemie.uni-regensburg.de> from Universitaet Regensburg
testpnts.ulp 2,050 1,406 Tue Sep 7 17:32:46 1999 Modified netlist ULP to include x,y locations of pads, useful for making automatic pcb testing fixtures.
Uploaded by Joel Parkinson <jparkinson@interfacedata.com> from Interface Data Systems
tubes.zip 35,749 2,387 Thu Oct 7 13:20:45 1999 Die Datei Tubes.lbr beinhaltet einen großen Auszug an Audio-,Gleichrichter-, Stabilisator-,Abstimm-,Ziffern-Röhren
Uploaded by Mühlke Thorsten <Muehlke@t-online.de> from Industrieelektroniker
umpoler.sch 16,224 922 Wed Aug 9 10:26:18 2000 Umpoler - Dient zur Drehrichtungsänderung von Gleichstrommotoren, auf Transistorbasis. http://www.elline.de
Uploaded by Tilo Wetzel <tilo.wetzel@gmx.net>
unidat.ulp 20,110 1,486 Wed Apr 28 11:32:21 1999 Generates output in UNIDAT format which is used by UNICAM software. This software provides data for automatic mounting and test equipment.
Uploaded by Rudi Hofer <rudi.hofer@cadsoft.de> from CadSoft
unidat20.ulp 21,101 1,153 Fri Sep 10 11:06:50 1999 UNIDAT output with one shape per package type (allows package libraries).
Uploaded by Rudi Hofer <rudi@cadsoft.de> from CadSoft
unrouted.ulp 1,917 4,608 Thu Feb 27 16:56:35 1997 UNROUTED.ULP determines tiny (and therefore maybe invisible) unrouted signals.
Uploaded by Daemon Reinhard <yum@fexphds01.tu-graz.ac.at> from University of Technology GRAZ/Austria
unrouted2.ulp 4,367 896 Fri Jun 16 20:45:00 2000 The unrouted.ulp has been altered to reduce the large number of airwires that can easly be created. The script generates 'unrouted.txt' and 'correct.scr' files. By running the last one, it can wire all airwires that satisfy cirtain criteria. Doesn't work properly in all circumstances but can be still effectively used.
Uploaded by Levente Torok <lee@iit.uni-miskolc.hu> from University of Miskolc
vias.ulp 446 2,393 Fri Nov 27 17:20:15 1998 Program that counts the number of vias and its location in a board
Uploaded by Cisneros Loeza Luis Enrique <l.cisneros-loeza.siemens.com> from Siemens SA DE CV
viscomnew.ulp 2,246 1,451 Thu May 6 06:54:42 1999 This ULP program generated CAD data for optical inspection system VISCOM
Uploaded by Milan Trubelik <trubelik@aev.cz> from AEV spo. s r.o.
weidmuel.lbr 11,016 3,789 Mon Nov 9 16:27:21 1998 Weidmüller SL3.5 Connector Library
Uploaded by Markus Forrer <oribi@tele-net.ch> from Oribi
weidmul.zip 1,439 5,078 Wed Oct 22 18:41:12 1997 These files contain power connectors from Weidmuller. The connectore are .200" pitch. Please consult the *.log file for descriptions and upgrade information.
Uploaded by Bob Pauly <rpauly@ev1.net> from SULZER Intermedics
weidsl35.zip 39,391 1,827 Wed Nov 10 15:50:47 1999 WEIDMÜLLER Klemmverbinder Type SL3.5/3,5mm Raster WEIDMUELLER Connector Type SL3.5/3,5mm Grid
Uploaded by A. Zaffran <alf@cadsoft.de> from CadSoft
wsipsd.lbr 77,880 1,841 Tue Feb 1 13:30:25 2000 Programmable MCU Peripherals
Uploaded by A. Zaffran <alf@cadsoft.de> from CadSoft
xilinx.zip 122,518 1,519 Mon Jun 5 14:55:15 2000 Xilinx library
Uploaded by A. Zaffran <alf@cadsoft.de> from CadSoft
xl_cpld.scr 185,412 2,373 Fri Nov 20 13:46:09 1998 Xilinx -CPLD's Bausteine der 95XXX Reihe als Scriptfile zum Anhängen an bestehende XILINX - Lib's (wird fortgesetzt)
Uploaded by Alex Blümel <Schlager_IE_GmbH@t-online.de> from Schlager Industrie Elektronik GmbH
xl_fpga.scr 46,662 2,052 Sun Feb 21 12:22:58 1999 Xilinx - FPGA XC4003/4003E Scriptfile zum Anhängen an bestehende XILINX-Bibliotheken
Uploaded by Alexander Blümel <Bluemel_A@t-online.de> from Schlager Industrie Elektronik GmbH
xpg20eng.zip 228,224 2,054 Thu Jul 1 15:43:37 1999 XPadGUI is a graphical user interface to convert diameters, drills and shapes of a board or library in a comfortable way using xpad.exe. The included user language program ProInfo allows direct parameter reading.
Uploaded by Torsten Klimmer <theklimmers@gmx.de>
xref.zip 4,349 4,543 Fri Oct 24 22:00:34 1997 Produces a Crossreference that tells you where Layout Parts are located in Shematic. Useful with larger Designs. Needs special Frame that is included.
Uploaded by Adrianus den Toom <adrianus@bielefeld.netsurf.de> from Free developer
yamaichi.zip 10,411 2,895 Wed Nov 10 15:46:41 1999 Mini-DIN / USB / Fire Wire - Connector from YAMAICHI
Uploaded by A. Zaffran <alf@cadsoft.de> from CadSoft
z80lbr.zip 31,204 3,260 Wed Oct 27 06:22:54 1999 Z80 Family Component Library; Z80 CPU, Z80 DMA, Z80 PIO, Z80 CTC and Z80 SIO. All packages; DIP, PLCC SMD, PLCC Socket and QFP SMD. Includes EAGLE script file sources to rebuild the library.
Uploaded by Douglas Beattie Jr. <beattidp@ieee.org> from Consultant
zetex.zip 25,240 2,201 Fri Dec 17 12:22:58 1999 Dioden und Transistoren von Zetex Diodes and Transitors from Zetex
Uploaded by A. Zaffran <alf@cadsoft.de> from CadSoft
zetex1.zip 1,963 5,453 Mon Dec 29 20:03:47 1997 This file contains an updated Zetex parts library. The previous library posted had packaging errors. Please dis-regard the old library. Please consult the *.log file for specific information. Sorry for any inconvenience.
Uploaded by Bob Pauly <rpauly@ev1.net> from SULZER Intermedics
zettl.lbr 4,992 900 Fri Sep 1 00:27:10 2000 Dieses File enthält die ISM-Sender, Empfänger und Transceiver der Firma Zettl Flugtechnik http://www.zfx.de/zft/index.htm.
Uploaded by Sebastian Valouch <valouch@zfx.de> from Zettl Flugtechnik

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